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Devil's Third currently 30% complete... or so.

Famitsu gets in a quick interview with Tomonobu Itagaki at E3.


Tomonobu Itagaki and Valhalla Games introduced us to the concept of the "pre-E3 Tokyo Game Show" tease last week as, just ahead of the start of E3, they shared a teaser promising an update on their debut game Devil's Third at this year's Tokyo Game show.

But Itagaki is in attendance at E3. Famitsu.com managed to score a quick interview with the former Team Ninja master now turned independent.

The Devil's Cry teaser that we were shown last week wasn't the game's full E3 trailer. Visitors to THQ's booth can see the full trailer, which is a longer version of that. It's apparently 20 minutes long, but Itagaki says he's heard it will be posted on the internet soon.

Famitsu got down to business real quick and asked Itagaki for a status update on Devil's Third. The game is currently about 30% complete, Itagaki replied, although he added jokingly that there really isn't much difference between 20% and 30%. The quality still isn't quite there, he admitted. They're at the point where they're upping the quality from here on out.

Itagaki also shared a few intriguing comments about the game's online component. Famitsu noted that Itagaki's past titles have taken some innovative challenges in the online area. Asked if Devil's Third will take similar challenges, Itagaki responded in the affirmative. He wouldn't get into details, though, saying that it's a secret. However, he did hint that whatever he's talking about, it will be something unique to Devil's Third.

The game's online component appears to be a major part of the experience. Online and offline are each the equivalent of a full game, Itagaki said. There are still some areas that are in conceptual phase, though, so there could be some changes in this area.

Closing off the short interview, Itagaki promised to show the true form of Devil's Third at the Tokyo Game Show in September. He promised to not let down our expectations.

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