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Holding Dragon's Crown in your hands will be something like this...


From Dengeki's photo report on Ignition's E3 booth:

They practically grabbed the whole Dragon's Crown trailer in still shots, so visit Dengeki for more shorts simulating what it will be like to have HD Vanillaware running on a Vita.

I'm not sure if the trailer that's being shown in the booth is any different from the one that was shared earlier at the game's official site aside form the Vita system framing the footage. You can see the official site version in this story.

Dengeki also managed to speak with Ignition's Kashow Oda about the game. Oda is serving as producer. He's the guy with the gigantic tie in Dengeki's pics.

Oda explained briefly how Ignition got to put its publishing label on Vanilaware's latest. It all began three years ago, he explained. Ignition's CEO in England was a huge Vanillaware fan, and he wanted to work with Vanillaware's George Kamitani, director of Dragon's Crown.

Oda didn't say who approached who, but Kamitani seemed to suggest in a recent Famitsu interview that Vanillaware was shopping the game around for a publisher.

For more on the game's origins, visit our summary of Famitsu's Kamitani interview.

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