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Level-5 Developing Gundam RPG

Namco Bandai announces multiple games at today's Gundam Age press conference.

Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino (left) appears at today's Gundam Age announcement.

Word of Level-5's involvement in the new Gundam Age series leaked out of Coro Coro Comics last week. Now we have details on just how involved the developer is in the project.

As reported last week, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino is working on the story and series framework for Gundam Age, which will span the full gamut of media, including manga, anime, a toy/model line, and games.

The big question for Level-5 fans was, would Level-5 be working on the games? The answer is yes. Namco Bandai revealed today that Level-5 is developing a new RPG based off the series.

Separate from the RPG, Gundam Age mecha and characters will also feature in the next SD Gundam G Generation title. Namco Bandai's press release did not mention Level-5's involvement in this.

The platform and release time frame for both games is currently TBA.

Artwork from the new Gundam Age series.

Namco Bandai also provided details on a couple of Gundam arcade game, Gage-ing Battle Base, which is based off Gundam Age, and Gundam Triage. Triage, an arcade trading card game that's based off the Dragon Ball Heroes arcade trading card game, will see arcade release on July 28. You'll find screens of both below.

The Gundam Age initiative was announced during a press conference today. We may be getting more details shortly, so check back soon! In the meanwhile, you can find the series' official site here.

Gage-ing Battle Base

Gundam Triage

Gundam Age Models

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