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Terror of the Stratus: First Game Screen

A closer look at Nudemaker's new PSP title.


Konami's announcement last month of Terror of the Stratus, the new PSP title from Infinite Space developer Nudemaker that may or may not be an action title, came without any actual game screens. Today, thanks to Famitsu.com, we have our first look:

What's going on in that screen? No clue... Konami has yet to share gameplay details.

Famitsu's update on the game is mostly about story. Terror of the Stratus (in Japanese, it's "Senritsu no Stratus," but people seem to be translating it as Terror of the Stratus) is set in Imperial Tokyo in the year 2058. Humanity is approaching extinction following an invasion by the Meme. You'll find more basic story details here.

You play as a member of Imperial Task Force 6, a group formed from people whose bodies were partially taken over by the Memes. Members of this task force make use of a special mecha called Arabaki. Developed by the task force itself, the Arabaki are directly controlled by their pilots via nerve connections.

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