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Final Fantasy XIII-2, Evangelion, Atelier Meruru and more in this week's Dengeki

When are we going to see that darn Macross jet?

Planning to pierce your "Xbot" friends with some stinging disc count jokes when Final Fantasy XIII-2 comes out? Not this time! In an interview with Dengeki PlayStation this week, XIII-2 director Motomu Toriyama says that because the game's event scenes are mostly real time this time, it's possible that the 360 version will end up having fewer discs.

I'm going to assume that Toriyama discussed more than just the Xbox 360 version's disc count in Dengeki's PlayStation-specific magazine, so check back later for more details from the interview.

Other info that has surfaced from the magazine via the usual leak sources:

Ace Combat Assault Horizon (PS360) is due for release on October 11.

Namco Bandai is readying a PSP Evangelion game called Rebuild of Evangelion Sound Impact. This action title is due for release on 9/29 and will ship in three forms: standard (¥6,280), soundtrack edition (¥8,380) and special edition (¥11,530).

Neptune Mk-2 has a new mascot character named "Warechu." I was hoping to get a mascot character themed around a big headed Keiji Inafune. But based off the name, I'm going to guess this is a Pikachu parody. Warechu is voiced by Neeko (warning: somewhat scary).

Lots of Atelier Meruru stuff this week. The magazine's four reviewers reviewed the new PS3 Atelier game, awarding it a high 90, 90, 95 and 85. One Atelier news item: Gust will release a PlayView companion software simultaneous with the game. This will include themes, BGM, illustrations and movies. For details on PlayView, see this story.

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