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More Final Fantasy XIII-2 Bits From Dengeki

Toriyama on heroes, towns, and interactive dialogue.

Noel and Serah starred in the XIII-2 demo, and may just be the central characters in the whole game.

Going along with that little Xbox 360 disc count bit from earlier ("Say what?" you say? Then read this story), here's some of the new Final Fantasy XIII-2 details that are leaking out from Dengeki PlayStation's interview with director Motomu Toriyama this week.

Noel, the new guy who saw his debut in the E3 demo and trailers last week, appears to have a more prominent role than FFXIII main character Lightning. Toriyama says that rather than the game having dual heroes in Noel and Lightning, in terms of time spent under your control, you advance through the story mostly with Noel and FFXIII heroine Serah.

Snow, another primary character from FFXIII, will be appearing in XIII-2. Toriyama notes that he's not the type to be worried about the relationship between Noel and Serah.

The new Mog Clock encounter system and the new cinematic action system help make battles shorter, Toriyama said. You can read details on the Mog Clock system at the FF Wiki which has a surprising amount of detail already.

You might have read something about the game having multiple endings. The game will also have an interactive conversation system called Live Trigger. Each time you play, the possible selections during dialogue will change. Toriyama says that this system is in place more for enjoying conversation rather than for the branching story.

One of the other major points learned at E3 is that the game will have towns. Toriyama says in the interview that the town residents will have individual AI.

Another major E3 surprise was that the game will have monster raising components. During battle, you can have one monster join your party, which can consist of three members (in addition to the Moogle). Your party will also sometimes have a guest character.

CORRECTION: The party member count appears to be incorrect. For a more detailed report, see this story.

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