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Toriyama and Kitase Discuss Final Fantasy XIII-2

More on monsters, music and main characters. Plus, what does Kitase have to say about remastering PSP titles?

Hey Square Enix, release more screenshots so I don't have to keep using the same three in every article I write!

Dengeki PlayStation has an eight page feature on Final Fantasy XIII-2 this week. While most of the content was announced at E3, the magazine does have a lengthy interview with director Motomu Toriyama and producer Yoshinori Kitase.

We covered a bit from the interview earlier, but here more details from Sokuho's writeup.


Newcomer character Noel knows little about Cocoon and Gran Pulse, Toriyama noted, saying that he wanted to have Noel in a similar position to a newcomer player to FFXIII -- that is, someone who doesn't know about the world and story.

As mentioned earlier, Lightning is a major character, but Noel and Serah, the two characters featured in the E3 demo, are main in terms of characters you control.

Just in case you're doubting the central role of Noel, Toriyama's closing message in the interview was something along the lines of, while the strong female character Lighting was the draw of the previous title, XIII-2 features Noel, a cool male main character.

During battle, Toriyama said to think of Noel as fighting in the front and Serah supporting from behind. Noel's job image is hunter. He hunts monsters in Gran Pulse.

I assume you've heard about Serah's Moogle weapon already...


The E3 demo was like a digest version of two chapters with most of the story sequences cut out. When playing the game, you'll see how Noel and Serah meet.


The game's main musical component is from Masashi Hamauzu, the composer from the original FFXIII. They're doing an experiment where Hamauzu will retain the same feel of the FFXIII music while a different composer (Or possibly composers?) will work delivering a new world view. Toriyama said to look forward to the staff's announcement.


The game's new monster raising component, which lets you gather and bring monsters into your battle party, will give the game greater strategy, Toriyama said. There are Defender monsters, Attacker monsters and so-forth. There's also a growth element to the monsters.

Sokuho's writeup says that your party can consist of at most three characters, including the monsters (this is different from some of the earlier leaks). However, you will also sometimes have one guest character come in.


Other points mentioned in the interview include:

  • Your party members will move around town and get into conversations
  • When it rains, people in town will gather under covered areas.
  • The weather will have some effect on battle.
  • There will be search/exploration element involving Moogles.
  • The save system will in general be auto save.

Separate from FFXIII-2, Toriyama said that the upcoming Easy Mode patch for the PS3 version of FFXIII will be just that -- a patch, and not download content (I presume the difference is that a patch is free). In case you're unfamiliar, Easy Mode was included in the Japanese Xbox 360 version of the game. Square Enix is timing the PS3 version's patch with the 7/21 release of the game's Ultimate Hits budget version.

Kitase commented briefly on Sony's new PSP Remaster program which takes PSP titles and remasters them in HD on PlayStation 3. He said that he's interested in this program, but because they're placing their full effort on Final Fantasy Type-0 and XIII-2, they currently don't have anything decided.

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