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Itagaki Looking Into Wii U Release For Devil's Third

Valhalla's debut title won't arrive until early 2013. Multiplayer details coming at Tokyo Game Show.

We'll get a new look at Itagaki's first post Team Ninja game at Tokyo Game Show in September.

Devil's Third won't be out this year. It won't even be out next year. If you're anxiously awaiting the first title from the independent Tomonobu Itagaki, prepare to wait until 2013.

While a recent THQ earnings reports suggested that the game would be released some time before the end the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013, Itagaki confirmed in an E3 interview with Impress Watch that the game won't be released until early 2013.

On the always interesting topic of "percentage" completion, he gave a couple of vastly different numbers. In terms of the mechanical areas of the game, it's at 100%. However, a game needs replay value, volume, and so-forth, so in that sense of it being a complete product, it's around 20 to 30%.

Even though it's a ways off, someone is already playing Devil's Third. The game's multiplayer component is currently in a playable state, Itagaki revealed. The development staff is working now to increase the player count and accuracy. Asked how many players can take part in the action, he responded that he believes they will have done a good job if they can make it support 32 players.

The multiplayer component appears to be just for competitive play, as Itagaki said that the game's campaign mode will be single player and will not have co-op play.

We'll get specifics on multiplayer modes and so-forth at Tokyo Game Show in September.

When Devil's Third does see release in 2013, it may be on more than just PS3 and Xbox 360. Itagaki told Impress that he and THQ are actively looking into making Wii U into a compatible platform. He added that he's personally very excited about the possibility.

While leaving Wii U open as a possible platform, Itagaki ruled out Kinect, saying that the hands-free control device was made for families and casual experiences. Devil's Third will probably be a Z or M rating, and it would probably wear you out because you'd be moving constantly.

Incidentally, Itagaki's first impression upon seeing Wii U at Nintendo's press conference (he'd yet to try the system out himself at the time of the Impress Watch interview) was that it was designed with consideration of Japan. Japanese homes are small and thus can't have multiple televisions. This is why Japan has gone the way of the portable, Itagaki feels. He believes that Wii U's concept of letting you move the game over to the controller when the television is taken is Nintendo's attempt at combatting the trend of lower console sales in the Japanese market. "I believe it is a good idea," he said.

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