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XBLA Radiant Silvergun Has Adjustable Transparencies

Treasure CEO discusses the HD conversion of the Saturn classic.

Radiant Silvergun hits Xbox Live Arcade this summer.

Microsoft gathered the Japanese press today to introduce its upcoming Xbox Live Arcade lineup, and Treasure's Radiant Silvergun was of course among the featured titles.

As reported at Famitsu.com, Treasure CEO Masato Maegawa handled the Radiant Silvergun presentation. Explained Maegawa, it took about half a year to get the game running on Xbox 360 in a form that looked close to emulation of the Sega Saturn version. He joked that he was surprised to see how terrible it actually looked.

One of the big problems in bringing the game to the 360 is that some of the effects used Sega Saturn specific features and were difficult to recreate on the 360. Making suitable adjustments to these types of areas that couldn't be ported over directly took up much of the development time.

As previously announced, the 360 version will have multiple graphics modes. You can select between Low-Res, which replicates the original Saturn version, and an upgraded High-Res mode.

In addition, you can set transparency levels. Like most Saturn titles, the original had "screen door" mesh-style transparency effects owing to the system's inability to handle proper transparency. While this has been fixed with true transparency for the 360 version, purists can select to use the screen door effects. Famitsu.com actually says that there are multiple levels for the transparency setting, but it does not say how many levels. This feature, according to Treasure's Katsuhiro Sanjou, was actually something that hadn't been planned at first but was added during development.

Also new for Xbox 360 owners is Xbox Live support. Two players can team up for co-op play. The game also supports online score rankings and user play data upload and download. The user play data can be fast forwarded (but not rewound). Maegawa said that he's excited about seeing top replays.

The game's promised "Ikaruga" mode will also support play data upload and download. This mode allows you to play the game using the chain combo rules from another Treasure classic, Ikaruga. To access this mode, you'll need to have unlocked at least one achievement in the Xbox Live Arcade version of Ikaruga.

We've been waiting to hear a release date for Radiant Silvergun since its announcement at last year's Tokyo Game Show. Unfortunately, Microsoft did not announce a final date at today's event. The game is still due for release in the summer, priced 1,200 MS Points.

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