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Kazuma Kujo Studio Plans PS3, PS Vita Support

Former Irem director silent on possibility of releasing sequels to Disaster Report and Bumpy Trot.

The unreleased Disaster Report 4. Will Irem be a dear and give Granzella access to the IP?

Former Irem superstar Kazuma Kujo provided some hints yesterday on what he and his new Granzella studio are working on as their first projects (see this story for details). This week's Famitsu has come through with additional details.

The magazine reports this week that Granzella plans on first releasing games that run in Sony's PlayStation Home virtual space. They promise that these will stand up well against full package games.

Following its dabbling with PlayStation Home, Granzella plans on releasing a download game for PlayStation 3. This is planned for some time this year.

Next year, Kujo hopes to support PlayStation Vita and Android.

Kujo also discussed some issues involving his departure from Irem. Contrary to popular belief, he did not leave the company because of Disaster Report 4's cancelation. Irem cancelled the long awaited PS3 title following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

Regarding the possibility of Granzella releasing sequels to Irem's franchises (many want Kujo to continue making Disaster Report and Bumpy Trot games), he said that he cannot answer at present.

Granzella will keep one Irem tradition in place. Kujo promised to celebrate April Fool's Day next year.

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