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Game Republic Tokyo Office Seeking New Tenants

Is this the end of the studio behind Genji, Majin, Folklore and Knights Contract?


Yoshiki Okamoto's Game Republic studio, an early star in the move towards independent development studios founded by former Capcom super producers, appears to be in trouble.

Recently, there were reports that the Game Republic website had gone missing (try for yourself!). Now something even bigger has gone missing: the Game Republic office!

Gaming site G-Dash, concerned about the fate of the people who made Xbox 360 launch title Every Party, decided to visit Game Republic's Tokyo office in the Toritsu Daigaku area.

This is what they found:

According to G-Dash, the Game Republic office was on the fourth floor of this building, which is located within a minute of Toritsu Daigaku Station, right across from the St. Marc Cafe (and near one of those special shops where you can go to get games early). Now, it looks like the fourth floor is vacant. A tenant solicitation sign has been posted on the window.

Okamoto, where are you?

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