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How the Rhythm Evangelion Game Came to Be

Suda 51 and the Rebuild of Evangelion Sound Impact staff explain themselves.


The big news in this week's Famitsu is that Suda 51 and the crew at Grasshopper Manufacture are making a PSP game based off Evangelion.

Yes, this Evangelion:

The new PSP title, Rebuild of Evangelion Sound Impact, is based off the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series.

Unique for a game based off the Eva license, Sound Impact is a rhythm action game. Players will play six different types of rhythm-based games.

Sokuho@Hokanko has a report on Famitsu's article, including details on the six rhythm games. Some of the descriptions of the six games are a bit unclear, but here's what I was able to pick out:

  • Shito (Apostle) Session: Attack the apostles in synch with the rhythm.
  • HEX: View glimpses of major scenes for each character. These are shown in hexagons.
  • AT: Break through the A.T. Field
  • Call of Fourteen: ???
  • Number 5 / Beastie Girl: ???
  • Teardop: Run until the point where it (I think the teardrop?) falls

The game will also have lots of scenes from Rebuild of Evangelion. Of course, the music will be from Rebuild of Evangelion. The tracks are being remixed by Akira Yamaoka.

Famitsu got some commentary from producer Kei Hirono (Namco Bandai), creative producer Suda 51, and director Kazutoshi Ida.

Hirono revealed that the project got its start two years back, when he was visiting Grasshopper Manufacture on separate business. Suda 51 immediately accepted the request to plan an Evangelion game, and suggested a rhythm action game because the sound of Evangelion is impressive. The concept, according to Suda, is "Break Through All the A.T. Fields."

Ida joined the project after the genre was decided as rhythm action. When the project was brought to him, he was a bit hesitant even though he is a big Eva fan. He decided to join the project and make a game he as a fan would want.

Yamaoka didn't take part in the interview, but Ida had some strong words for the game's aural component, saying that the audio quality is so good you won't think it's coming from a PSP. Yamaoka's remixes were done with the approval of Eva composer Shiro Sagisu.

Suda promised that this would be the highest quality title in Ida's career (Ida has worked on such titles as Aquanauts Holiday and Kyojin no Doshin, and more recently on WiiWare's Discipline for Marvelous). Hirono believes they've created a new genre, adding that he'd like to offer players a chance to try out the game via something like a demo.

Development on this new Evangelion adaptation is currently at 85%. The game is due for release on September 29. See this story for details on the various packages.

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