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Grand Knights History Online Play Detailed

VanillaWare has an ambitious multiplayer component in the works for its new PSP title.


VanillaWare and Marvelous Entertainment have been a bit mysterious about the online play in Grand Knights History. So what's all the fuss about? Famitsu has the answer this week.

You have two main options when playing the PSP title online: direct control and auto control.

In direct control, you directly control your group of four knights in battle against other players. Your group of knights is just one of many dispatched by your kingdom. Each battle spans multiple days, and at the end, all players vote to determine the location of the next battle area.

Auto control leaves the control of your band of knights to AI. You can influence your group through AI settings (prioritize attacks, use particular skills, prioritize healing, etc.). Before sending your troops off you can run a test to see what types of combat patterns they'll show. After dispatching your knights, you don't need to be connected online while they fight -- the battle will progress on its own. When you call your warriors back, you'll acquire their experience and other rewards.

You can mix these two online play styles together. The game lets you send out a total of three battalions simultaneously. One of these can be directly controlled, with the other two AI controlled.

The game also has some community-based online features. You can view rankings and even follow certain players to keep up to date on their battle history. You can create a profile screen with your battalion's flag (given to you by the king of your nation) and show this profile to other players.

All this is in addition to a full single player story mode. It looks like PSP (and presumably PS Vita) owners will have a major 2D title to look forward to this September.

[Via Sokuho@Hokanko]

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