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3DS Inazuma Eleven Due This Winter

Help Tenma and friends find their precious something or other.


Level-5 gave a slightly more specific release date for Inazuma Eleven Go today. The 3DS entry in the Inazuma Eleven series is due for release this Winter.

Go is Japanese for 5, but Inazuma Eleven Go is the fourth Inazuma Eleven game. The name is taken from the Inazuma Eleven Go anime, which began airing in May.

Players will take control of new hero Tenma Matsukaze in a world set ten years after the exploits of previous main character Mamoru. According to Level-5, Tenma and friends are out to find the "precious something" that they've lost (way to be specific there!)

Level-5 promises to make use of the 3DS' 3D capabilities to deliver more impactful cut-ins during the game's soccer sequences. Additionally, we can look forward to new systems and control options that take advantage of the new hardware.

Visit the official site for a look at some of the game's characters.

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