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How Level-5 got its hands on the Gundam license

Models from the new Gundam Age model line.

Level-5 is known first and foremost as a game developer. But now, all of a sudden, CEO Akihiro Hino is heading up story work on an original Gundam series, Gundam Age.

How did Hino get his Fukuokan hands on one of Japan's most prized franchises? In an interview with Famitsu this week (via Sokuho), Hino reveals that Level-5 was originally asked by Sunrise to just make a Gundam game. He was interested in more than this, though. He wanted to work on a Gundam project from the lowest levels.

Although nothing had been decided in terms of creating an anime, Hino created a lengthy plot summary. Upon seeing this, Bandai decided to go through with a full anime (scheduled to hit the airwaves in October).

As we reported yesterday, Level-5 is still making their Gundam game, said to be a large scale RPG based off Gundam Age. Famitsu does not provide further details on the game, whose platform is currently being kept under wraps.

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