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The recent announcement of Super Pokemon Rumble came without any details. Today, Pokemon Co. opened an official site for the game with some details and a first trailer.

Like its WiiWare predecessor, Super Pokemon Rumble (or Super Pokemon Scramble as it's known in Japanese) is set in the world of toys. You wind up your favorite Pokemon figure and guide it in overhead stages of play that cumulate in fights against massive bosses. Can you spot the Zekrom in the screens here?

Different from the download WiiWare original, Super Pokemon Rumble is a full retail release, and it looks like it's going to have a whole lot more content. According to the official site, the game includes all past Pokemon types, all in toy form of course.

You gather Pokemon into your list of friends by defeating enemies. Once a Pokemon has been added to your list, you can switch to it whenever you like by opening up the menu. Each Pokemon has unique skills.

The official site mentions a couple of additional battle types outside of the main stages. You can try out a battle royal where it's every Pokemon for himself as you attempt to survive a constant stream of incoming opponents. A bit more mysterious is "Totsugeki Battle," where dozens of Pokemon appear in battle simultaneously.

Battle Royal.
Totsugeki Battle.

The game will have wireless options. Two players can team up for cooperative play, working through the stages together. The game will also have Spot Pass support. Other players' Pokemon and Miis will appear in your copy of the game, and you'll be able to fight them.

Wireless co-op play.
Spot Pass.

Visit the official site for a trailer and a neat 3D top image.

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