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Many People Want a Breath of Fire Sequel

Famitsu delivers a massive Capcom feature this week, with producer interviews, surveys and more!

Do it, Capcom!

Remember when Capcom first started teasing Dragon's Dogma and you got super excited because you thought the teases were for a Breath of Fire game?

You probably weren't alone in your assumption. It turns out that a whole lot of people want Capcom to release a Breath of Fire sequel. The series was the top response when Famitsu asked readers what Capcom game they most to get a sequel.

Monster Hunter came in second for some reason.

Other results from the survey included:

Resident Evil narrowly beat Monster Hunter for the top Capcom series. Street Fighter was third.

Street Fighter's Ryu topped the most liked character ranking, besting Dante, Mega Man, Jill (from Resident Evil) and Felyne (the companion characters in Monster Hunter).

Famitsu posted the results of the survey in a 56 page Capcom blowout this week. You may recall that the magazine previously had similar blowouts for Konami, Sony and Sega. It's Capcom's turn this month.

The magazine also spoke to the producers of Capcom's various franchises. Here's just a sampling of what they said based off Sokuho's brief summary:

Yoshinori Ono, producer of Street Fighter IV, said that he'd like to think up some gameplay systems that make fighting games a bit easier to play.

Hideyuki Kobayashi said that he'd like to continue delivering new forms of Resident Evil games.

Ryozo Tsujimoto said that the key word for the next Monster Hunter game will be "All." Even though the ultimate is expected of them, they'll be putting in things that will still manage to surprise.

Hideyuki Kobayashi (the same one as above) said that he'd like to continue releasing one Sengoku Basara game per year.

Jun Takeuchi said that he'd like to do a Lost Planet sequel of some form.

Sokuho's summary of the lengthy feature had just these few bits, so hopefully someone with full access to the magazine will deliver a more complete report later.

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