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More Grand Knights History Network Play Details

Synch up your PSP for massive battles with other players.


Marvelous and VanillaWare have shared new screens and details for the network component of Grand Knights History. We already provided some preliminary details earlier in the week, but now we have a more complete idea of how the system will work.

That's the game's network component at a glance. Although this was a bit unclear in our earlier report, Famitsu.com has clarified that the game isn't played while continually connected online. Instead, you connect online for synching data. You can then take part in battle at your leisure. Once you have an online connection again, you can synch back up by uploading your battle record.

You begin an online play session by selecting to place your band of four knights in one of three kingdoms, Avalon, Union or Logress. Your goal is to expand your kingdom's territory, working with other knight groups who've sided with your kingdom to fight enemy kingdoms in massive battles.

As detailed earlier in the week, you can dispatch three groups of four knights simultaneously. One of these can be directly controlled through the game's standard battle system. On the battle map, you'll see the word "BATTLE" flashing. This represents the front lines. By going here, you can face off against another player's battalion (or their ghost data, presumably). Depending on the outcome of these battles, the front line will shift reflecting changes in each kingdom's power.

The other two groups are controlled by AI, although you're able to set parameters before dispatch. For those who prefer the AI approach, you can make all three of your groups AI-based.

The larger battle is fought over a period of multiple days. Throughout this time, you can use the game's community functionality to check up on the battle record of other players. You can even select to "follow" certain players. Once a battle is over, all players in the kingdom vote on the next battle location.

For players outside of Japan, MMV's press releasing detailing the game's network component said that you can play with players from throughout the world. This may or may not be a hint at an international release.

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