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Retailer Briefed on New PlayStation 3 Model

CECH-3000 model cuts power and weight, and makes a few external changes.


First word of a new "CECH-3000" model PlayStation 3 surfaced earlier this month. Now a retailer, claiming to have received a briefing on the new model from Sony, has passed along some details.

The CECH-3000B is an updated 320 gigabyte system. It cuts power consumption from 230W to 200W, and cuts weight from 3.0kg to 2.6kg. There are also some external changes to the power and eject buttons, along with the removal of LED lamps, although the retailer report isn't clear about the specifics for this area.

Pricing remains the same as the current model. The new version will be shipped to retailers once current stock runs out.

The Satin Silver version of the 2500 model system, released on March 10.

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