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Sony announces new PS3 model; comes bundled with Tales of Xillia


Following retail leaks from earlier today, Sony has opened an official page for the new CECH-3000B model PlayStation 3. The new hardware will begin shipment some time this month.

The official page confirms details from the retail leak. The new model, available in Charcoal Black, will have lower power consumption at 200 watts, lower weight at 2.6kg, and will include a 320 gigabyte hard disc. Pricing is set at ¥34,980, the same as the pricing on similar current models. The included accessories remain unchanged: Dual Shock 3, power cable, AV cable and USB cable.

Namco Bandai's previously announced Tales of Xillia X Edition hardware bundle will include a 160 gigabyte version of the CECH-3000 hardware. Aside from the X Edition release, Sony has not mentioned a solo 160 gigabyte package.

The X Edition hardware bundle is due on September 8, priced at ¥37,980. The hardware includes a special PS3 system and a copy of Tales of Xillia.

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