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Dragon Quest X Wii U Reports Clarified

Square Enix CEO did not provide any hints about a Wii U DQX, but he did provide hints about possible launch support.


Yesterday's reports about Square Enix considering Wii U compatibility for Dragon Quest X may have been inaccurate. The blog that provided the original transcript of Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada's statements from an investor's conference yesterday has since provided clarification.

Our report yesterday said that Square Enix is investigating how to make Dragon Quest X compatible with Wii U. What Wada was actually saying is that separate from Dragon Quest X, Square Enix is doing technical tests for possible Wii U launch titles. "Wada was absolutely not saying 'Dragon Quest X on Wii U,'" says the blog.

So those hoping for HD or multi screen Dragon Quest X may be out of luck. But at least Wada's statements suggest that Square Enix could be supporting Wii U at launch.

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