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Why the Love Plus Data Import Tool Costs Money

Konami may have been forced to implement a girlfriend import tax.

I'd import that for ¥200.

Konami is charging players 200 yen for the ability to import their girlfriend data from the DS Love Plus games into upcoming 3DS title, New Love Plus. Are they taking advantage of a fan base hardcore enough to celebrate the birthdays of the game's heroines with actual cakes and presents?

Actually, the pricing may not be under Konami's control. The data import is done by first downloading a program from the Nintendo e-Shop. According to 4Gamer's latest report on New Love Plus (go there for lots of screens!), Nintendo currently does not offer third party companies a way to distribute free programs through the e-Shop. So, Konami set the price to the lowest possible pricing tier on the service, ¥200.

The e-Shop does have some free software, of course. The DSi Ware transfer program and Spot TV program are available as free downloads. These are all Nintendo product, though.

To make up for the added expense, Konami will be including a bonus of some form. The bonus will be something that can be enjoyed even by people who've yet to play the Love Plus series. Details will be announced next month or beyond.

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