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Dreams of My Love Plus Girlfriend

You can be the weather girl, and I'll be the weather show producer!


I always assumed that my fantasies about girls would end once I got a girlfriend. This may not be the case if the Love Plus interpretation of love is accurate.

Similar to past Love Plus titles, the new 3DS entry, New Love Plus, will occasionally show "Dream Events," where you'll have dreams that put your girlfriend in unusual circumstances. Here are three new Dream Events that appear in New Love Plus, along with some commentary from illustrator Mino Taro.

Manaka's Dream Event: Gal Manaka. In this event, you head out for a typical date with Manaka, but end up meeting up with a gal version of Manaka. A gal is one of those obnoxious girls you see hanging around in Shibuya (where Manaka seems to be in the screenshot). If you played Dragon Quest IX, your fairy companion Sandy was meant to be like a gal.

To draw this event, Mino Taro says that he went around town and observed gals.

Rinko's Dream Event: Fighting Game Rinko. In this event, you find yourself appearing as a participant in a fighting tournament. Your rival is Rinko, playing as "Shaorin." (In the screen, she's saying "Short Kick!")

Mino Taro notes that Rinko is wearing a China Dress which often appears in fighting games. He also pointed out that he spent some amount of effort to draw even the roasted pig in the Chinese restaurant that serves as the background.

Nene's Dream Event: Weather Girl. In this event, you're the producer of a weather program, and Nene is the weather girl. The ratings at the program are down, possibly due to the mascot character, Gero Marokun (the frog dude in the background). You'll have to decide to help save the ratings by having Nene take a more risque approach to her performance, or protect her as your girlfriend. It's at that moment that Nene is struck by a divine wind.

Mino Taro says that the event was originally meant to be set in the studio. As points of interest in the image, he points to the mic, umbrella, and the low budget mascot

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