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Girls love Tales... but not necessarily Tales games!


A slightly odd stat about the Tales series from producer Makoto Yoshizumi today. Speaking with Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata as part of the Tales of the Abyss Iwata Asks column, Yoshizumi said that while only 30% of Tales series players are female, the audience jumps to 95% female when it comes to Tales-related stage events and goods sales.

He didn't give the reason for the discrepancy, although the popularity of voice actors and artists may have something to do with it. Iwata joked that with such a different audience, it's like dealing with two different markets.

Iwata (right) and Yoshizumi (left). This is the ninth in a series of Iwata Asks columns with 3rd party 3DS developers.
Maybe Namco Bandai can get more girls to like Tales by having all the main characters go shirtless like Vesperia's Yuri in the above shot.

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