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Sega Celebrates Sonic's 20th Anniversary

iPhone app and more as Sonic celebrates an anniversary that's divisible by five.


Sonic turned the big Two-Oh today, and Sega kicked its ongoing anniversary promotions for the series into high gear.

iPhone and iPod touch users can now download a free Sonic 20th Anniversary app from the Appstore. The app consists of the first stage of already-released Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1, a section with the latest info on Sonic, weekly wallpaper downloads, and a mini game called "Sonic the Sketchhog." This will be available only for the next six months.

Joining the app's release, Sega updated the Sonic 20th Anniversary website. The site has a a historical look at the franchise, commercials and wallpapers, and event information. Visit the site daily for a look back at Sonic goods.

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