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Tales of Xillia's Key Visual and Bonus Items

Closer look at the Stan and Cless bonus outfits, and the paid Star Driver outfits.


Here's a closeup of Tales of Xillia's main visual. As previously detailed, the image was designed jointly by Mutsumi Inomata and Kosuke Fujishima, the game's two character designers.

The artwork will be used on the game's packaging.

Joining the key visual, Namco Bandai provided additional images of the game's bonus goods. As previously announced, buyers will get three bonuses: one of four mascot charms, a product code for 15th anniversary costumes that transform main characters Milla and Jude into, repsectively, Tales of Phantasia's Cless and Tales of Destiny's Stan, and a download code for ten PS3 custom themes.

Namco Bandai also provided additional images of the game's Star Driver collaboration download costumes. Pricing and release dates have not yet been announced for these.


Stan and Cless Costumes

Custom Themes

Star Driver Costumes

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