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3DS Download Games go Simple Though D3 Publisher

Escape from Bear Burger by blowing into the 3DS mic.


D3's "Simple" series became the "@Simple" series for the DSi Ware download service. For Nintendo's 3DS download service, the series is being renamed "@Simple DL Series."

Volume one is a new entry in the "Misshitsu kara no Dasshutsu" (Escape From the Sealed Room) survival escape series. Titled Mysterious Kumadonaru Burger, your goal is to escape from a burger chain called Kumadonaru Burger. "Kuma" is Japanese for bear, explaining all the bears you see in the screens.

The game has three stages of play. You'll need to use items, typical of the items that one finds in a burger joint, to escape. You can also use the 3DS mic to interact with the world by blowing into the system. Controls include options for touch controls or button controls.

D3's first 3DS download title hits on June 29, priced ¥500.

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