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The Last Guardian is Moving to Shinagawa

Team ICO head finishes boxing up his stuff for Sony's big move.

The final leg of The Last Guardian's development will take place in a different office.

If you're planning on infiltrating Sony Computer Entertainment Japan's headquarters to steal an early demo of The Last Guardian, you're going to have to make a slight adjustment to your plans. SCEJ's headquarters will be moving to Sony's main Shinagawa office shortly.

Team ICO head Fumto Ueda made a Tweet today about the move. "Starting next week, TRICO's production base will move to Shinagawa. We're looking forward to a major reformation of our development environment as a video game studio that can take on the world."

Ueda's Tweet came as he'd just finished packing up boxes around his desk. He had to get some help from other people.

Word of Sony Computer Entertainment's plans to move out of its current Aoyama studio first appeared last April (read the story here). According to the initial report from Nikkei, of SCE's 1,400 employees, 1,000 are move to Sony's main Shinagawa office with the remaining staff moving to other buildings in that area.

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