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5pb. Adventure Game Steins;Gate Tops 300,000 Shipments

CEO promises to work to further expand adventure games.


5pb.'s Steins;Gate lit up the sales charts last week, taking up three spots in the top 20. It seems like an impressive sales feat for a visual novel-style adventure game on Xbox 360.

Steins;Gate is actually a major seller amongst adventure games, according to 5pb. CEO Chiyomaru Shikura. In a Tweet yesterday, he revealed that the game has topped the 300,000 mark in domestic shipments. Noting that 300,000 is an achievement for the adventure genre, he said that he hopes to work to further expand the genre.

The three Steins;Gate games in the top 20 last week included an offshoot called Steins; Gate Hiyoku Renri no Darling. It's unclear if Shikura was including this in his shipment figures, or just the first Steins;Gate game, which has been released on Xbox 360, PSP and PC and was recently announced for iPhone and iPad.

Steins;Gate is part of 5pb.'s science themed series of adventure games. It was preceded by Chaos;Head and will be followed by Robotics;Notes, which is in development for an as yet unannounced platform.

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