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Kaz Hirai promoted to SCEI chairman; Ken Kutaragi retires

SCEI announces major management changes.

Hirai's latest promotion is less significant than the last one.

Sony Computer Entertainment announced some major changes in its management today. Kaz Hirai has been moved from President and Group CEO to Chairman. Taking over as President and Group CEO will be Andrew House, current President, CEO and Co-COO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. The change will take effect on September 1.

Joining this announcement, SCEI also announced that PlayStation father Ken Kutaragi retired yesterday (June 28) from his role as Honorary Chairman of SCEI. He will continue in his role as senior technology officer of Sony Corporation, SCEI said.

You can read SCEI's full announcement here (PDF).

Hirai's more prominent role at Sony is actually outside of SCEI. He is the head of the company's Consumer Products and Services Group, meaning he heads up all of Sony's consumer businesses. For details on Hirai's previous promotion, see this story.

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