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Square Enix Seeking Game Engine Developers

Development on Luminous Studio and sister "Philosophy" demo project progressing well, says Square Enix CTO.

Sephiroth greets you at Square Enix's recruitment page. Last year, Cloud was up at top.

Square Enix is continuing work on its next generation "Luminous" engine. In fact, it seems to be expanding its search for talented developers to work on the engine.

The company's recruitment page was updated today with a new listing for staff to work on Luminous. Successful candidates will join an international group of individuals that looks like this:

The recruitment page is actually seeking staff members for two projects: Luminous and Philosophy.

Luminous, as announced last year, is the company's "new generation" engine. The recruitment page now refers to it as "Luminous Studio."

In an introduction at the recruitment page, Square Enix chief technical officer and Luminous Studio director Yoshihisa Hashimoto says that Luminous is an engine and development environment that will deliver top level game experiences on a variety of platforms. Positions include:

  • 3D graphics programmer
  • Runtime system programmer
  • Optimization programmer
  • Online system programmer
  • Server/database programmer
  • Windows application programmer
  • Animation programmer
  • AI programmer
  • Physics programmer
  • Audio Programmer
  • Plug-In Programmer
  • Technical Artist
  • Technical Writer

Philosophy is a high quality DX11 generation demo that will be used in the creation of the Luminous engine. Square Enix wants people to create assets at CG movie and photo level quality. Positions include:

  • 3D Graphics Programmer
  • Modeling Texture Artist
  • Character Setup Artist
  • Animator
  • VFX Artist

Hashimoto is also listed as director of the Philosophy demo.

The recruitment page is also seeking "game technology researcher" staff. Positions include:

  • Graphics Lead Researcher
  • Online Technology Lead Researcher
  • Audio Lead Researcher
  • Animation Lead Researcher
  • AI Lead Researcher
  • Physics Lead Researcher
  • Other Researchers

Development on the Luminous engine is progressing well, says Hashimoto in his message at the recruitment page. Since posting an initial recruitment for the engine last year, Square Enix has gathered developers from within Japan and abroad. The development team now has 30% foreign staff.

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