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Sony Introduces the "PSP Engine"

Developers using this engine for PSP Remaster games.


The technology that runs the PSP Remaster series of PSP to PS3 HD remakes now has a name: PSP Engine.

Introduced by Sony's Kentaro Suzuki during a session at the Game Tools & Middleware Forum 2011 event in Tokyo (via Famitsu.com), PSP Engine is the base engine for PSP Remaster games. PSP Engine acts as a middle ground between the PlayStation 3 OS and a PSP game and offers the following features:

  • High res rendering
  • Control (with Dual Analogue support) through wireless controllers (Dualshock 3/Sixaxis)
  • 3D stereoscopic output
  • Ad-hoc Party unification
  • Main memory and graphic memory expansion
  • Common save data

There aren't really any major surprises in that list given what we know about the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD version.

Famitsu's coverage from the event shows some slides that go more in-depth about a few of these features. The memory expansion feature can is used to swap out high resolution textures and other assets, for instance.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd running on PSP Engine (left) and on standard PSP (right).

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