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Sony Brings New 3D Viewing Technology to PS3

PlayView being updated for 4K resolutions, 3D support and in-game browsing.

A sample of the currently available PlayView Monster Hunter guide. The guides have embedded videos.

Sony Computer Entertainment's PlayView image viewing technology brought PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable users interactive manuals and manga. Now sony is taking the technology to a new level.

At the Game Tools and Middleware Forum 2011 event in Tokyo today (via Famitsu.com), the company revealed that PlayView will soon support 4K resolutions. This means 4096 pixels width by 2160 pixels height, or four times current full HD resolution.

The technology will also support 3D stereoscopic image output. Even when viewing in 3D, users will be able to zoom in and out just like with standard PlayView content. Sony suggested 3D photo albums as one possible application of the new 3D support.

Sony will also be more closely incorporating PlayView into games. Developers will be able to include PlayView-based content directly in games by making use of a PlayStation 3 library that allows them to call up a PlayView utility from the game and set what page to output and how large to output the images.

One of the first applications of the improved PlayView technology will be the new "Plup Series" visual magaizne series from Lucent Pictures Entertainment. As detailed at Famitsu.com, a digital version of the magazines will be released on PlayStation 3 and will make use of PlayView for 4K resolution, with some pages even supporting 3D output.

Two Plup Series magazines will be released, iQueen and aButton. iQueen's first issue will hit on August 9, priced ¥2011 for its standard 96 page A4 size edition. The PS3 digital version will be priced ¥2,100, and will arrive some time in the summer. aButton will be released between August and September. Both the print and PS3 versions will cost between ¥2000 and ¥2500. The PS3 versions of these magazines will be released through PlayStation Store.

Sample images from the magazine.

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