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Nintendo Invests 16.5 Billion Yen in New R&D Facility

Company hoping to bring its development staff together for efficiency.


Nikkei has a new report today on Nintendo's plans for its new R&D facility in Kyoto. The paper first reported on the facility in 2009, and issued a followup in March.

According to the new report, Nintendo is investing 16.5 billion yen in the facility. The paper had previously reported a 12 billion yen figure.

As previously reported, work on the new facility will begin in January 2012. Nintendo aims to complete building by the end of 2013 (this appears to be calendar 2013).

The new facility will be located in Kyoto's Minami Ward on a 40,582 square meter lot. The building will have seven terrestrial floors and one basement floor and will house 1,500 people.

Nintendo aims to strengthen its hardware and software development through the opening of the new facility, the paper reports. Nintendo's development staff will now be housed in one location rather than being split between Nintendo's Kyoto Research Center R&D facility, located in Kyoto's Higashiyama Ward, and Nintendo's main office, also located in Minami Ward. Because everyone is in one location, developers will be able to more easily communicate information, possibly leading to to the production of games with unique and competitive features.

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