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PlayStation Vita's Amazing Facial Recognition

Sony shows off some new tech for the upcoming portable.


Sony has some sweet facial recognition software in development for PlayStation Vita. During a presentation at yesterday's Game Tools and Middleware event in Tokyo (this is the same event where PSP Engine and the PlayView update were announced), the company showed a demo of how players could be using their face to interact with the new portable.

The video below shows video chat that uses facial recognition. The Vita picks up on the speaker's facial movements and converts his or her movements into the movements of 3D chat avatars. See for yourself here.

The chat windows are being generated in real time by the Vita.

According to 4Gamer, Sony refers to this technology as "Face Control." They hope that players will be able to use their face to control games and change viewpoint.

There are no plans to convert the above demo into an actual product, Sony's Yoshikatsu Kanemaru said during the presentation.

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