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Tetsuya Nomura and Hajime Tabata on Final Fantasy Type-0

Reason or the game's delay, multiplayer and more discussed in Famitsu interview.


Sokuho@Hokanko has provided a full summary of Famitsu's latest Final Fantasy Type-0 interview and feature. The magazine spoke with Tetsuya Nomura and director Hajime Tabata this week.

As reported earlier, the big news is that the game probably won't be making its original summer release time period. Famitsu has removed "summer" from the release time period, now only listing it as 2011. During the interview, Tabata says that "due to various circumstances, it became difficult to release it during the short-sleeve shirt season." Nomura said that we'll probably have to wait until the season of red leaves. (Yes, the managed to avoid directly saying "Fall.")

Tabata provided one hint about the reason for the delay. The stoppage of the PlayStation Network service had some effect on the game's multiplayer component, making it require a bit extra time beyond the original plan. The development staff is currently working on this area of the game.

Tabata also shared a few additional details about the game's multiplayer component, which has remained in large part a mystery thus far. The host side will be able to turn multiplayer on or off in the game's config screen. If this is set to on, other players will be able to come into their game. To enter another player's game, you simply select multiplayer and select a host from a list of possible hosts.

The Type-0 multiplayer experience is purposefully short-lived. When you reach a save point, the external player is forced out from your game. There's also a time limit for multiplayer sessions, although the time can be extended by helping the host player.

You don't need to play the game in multiplayer. The game is being made so that anyone can reach the end even without cooperative play.

Nomura and Tabata also responded to a quick Q&A with the Famitsu editors. Among the revelations here:

  • For skilled action players, the game will have fighting game-like features like movement canceling.
  • The game's loading screen shows user data. This will also show the player data of Square Enix Members.
  • At save points, you can change your current party characters and also set your equipment.
  • The game's main characters are from your school's "Class Zero." Students from other classes will also team up with you for missions. They have different colored cloaks.
  • Nomura said that Square Enix is currently looking into a download version and overseas version of the game.
  • There will be weather-related changes. Weapons will change in strength and firing range depending on weather. Amongst summons, Shiva will be stronger in the snow.

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