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Microsoft's Takashi Sensui to Focus on Xbox Business

New organization at Microsoft Japan. Sensui admits to slow Kinect start in Japanese market.

Sensui plays retailer at last year's Kinect launch.

Microsoft Japan gathered the press today to detail its strategy for the 2012 fiscal year (spanning July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012). The briefing included some major changes to the company's games division.

Previously, Microsoft's Japanese Xbox 360 business was handled by the "Home & Entertainment" division, headed up by Takashi Sensui. Sensui will still be in charge of games at Microsoft, only he will now be General Manager of the company's newly formed "Interactive Entertainment Business." While Sensui's duties previously included such areas as Windows and Office software, he will now focus strictly on the Xbox 360 business.

The Interactive Entertainment Business will fall under the newly formed Consumer & Partner Group, which also includes a wide range of things such as retail business, OEM business, Office pre-install business and other areas.

Japanese readers will find an interview with Sensui at Impress Watch. While the interview had no major revelations (this is typical for an interview with Microsoft's Japanese brass), Sensui did admit that Kinect did not sell to expectations in the Japanese market, adding that he hopes to give the device a new push this year with IPs that are familiar to Japanese players, along with titles that appeal to core gamers.

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