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Capcom Readying Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Box

Lots of Resident Evil in one box.


Capcom has quite the bundle on the way for Resident Evil's 15th anniversary. Set for release exclusively through e-Capcom is the Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Box. This includes the following:

  • Resident Evil Directors Cut (PSX)
  • Resident Evil 2 (PSX)
  • Resident Evil 3 Last Escape (PSX)
  • Resident Evil Revival Selection (PS3)
  • Resident Evil Code: Veronica soundtrack
  • Resident Evil 4 soundtrack
  • 15th anniversary items: Pins & Stickers (STARS & Umbrella)
  • Spacer for PS3's Resident Evil 5 or Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition

Revival Selection is the upcoming PS3 release that includes HD versions of Code: Veronica and Resident Evil 4. This means that you're basically getting all the past main RE games, except for RE5. The "spacer" mentioned above is meant to be replaced with your copy of RE5 or Gold Edition so you can complete the set.

The soundtrack CDs are the same as the bonus CDs that were included with PS2's Resident Evil Code: Veronica Resident Evil 4 Value Pack.

The Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3 games are the original games on PlayStation executable discs. The discs themselves have a special design just for the package.

All this Resident Evil can be yours for ¥7,800. The bundle will be released on September 8. It's an exclusive e-Capcom item, so visit the e-Capcom listing for ordering instructions.

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