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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy's Prologue

Finally, we know what lies in the space between Chaos and Cosmos!


There's currently little content at the newly opened Theatrhythm Final Fantasy official site. Gameplay details are going to have to wait until presumably later in the week when Famitsu comes out.

In the meanwhile, here's the game's prologue, in case you were wondering how Square Enix has managed to cram a rhythm game into the Final Fantasy universe.

Apparently, the space between the gods Chaos and Cosmos is known as "Rhythm." "Rhythm" gives birth to the crystal which controls music, and fills the world with sound. However, the forces of chaos have disrupted the peace, and the crystal has begin to lose its shine. To restore the crystal's shine, the music wave "Rizpo" must be increased. And so, the warriors, guided by the crystal, begin their journey of music.

When that journey will begin is anyone's guess at present, as the official site does not have a release date.

Visit the official site for a sampling of the game's music.
Chibi Lightning and other characters at the official site! Try tapping her with your mouse.

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