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Kazuma Kujo Wants Disaster Report Revival

Former Irem director keeps hope alive at Twitter.

Irem cancelled Disaster Report 4 following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, although Kujo said that this was not his reason for his leaving the company.

The first game on everyone's mind when Kazuma Kujo left Irem was Disaster Report. Did his departure, and the cancelation of Disaster Report 4 in the months prior, mean a complete death for the series?

Kujo may have something else in mind. At Twitter earlier today, Kujo was told by a follower that he'd like the Disaster Report series to be revived. Kujo replied that he'll be taking actions to revive the series.

Based off Kujo's short reply, it's difficult to tell how committed he is to bringing back the series or if he actually thinks such a thing is possible. At the very least, fans can probably be pleased that he didn't completely rule out a revival.

Kujo's new studio, Granzella, is releasing its first product this week. For a look at the PlayStation Home lounge "Refuge on the Southern Island," see this story.

[Via Game Jouhou]

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