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Monolith's Programming Staff Discuss Wii U Project

Developers want to show up overseas technology with first HD title.


Monolith Software has posted a three page interview with its core programming staff. The topic: the company's new Wii U title. While the interview doesn't offer any specifics on the game, the staff did share some broad technical goals.

The interview was conducted by Monolith CEO Hirohide Sugiura. Responded to the boss's questions were Toshiaki Yajima (main programmer on Xenosaga and Dragon Ball Kai), Katsunori Sakai (main programmer on Xenoblade, event system programmer on Disaster) and Michihiko Inaba (Xenosaga, Soma Bringer).

Sugiura began by noting that the Monolith programming staff has been continually doing research and development on other company's products, including HD machines. With the release of the Wii U, they'll at last be able to show the fruits of their work, he said.

Sounding a similar note, Yajima assured that although this is Monolith's first HD game, because they've been doing R&D for some time now, they're having no problems on the technical front. He also feels that because they can now use physics and shaders, the potential expressive ability of the game has gone up, so this is where they can show their skills as programmers.

Inaba expressed interest in the Wii U's special controller, saying that it seems like it could be interesting to play on the TV and the second screen, showing different things on each screen. He'd like to try it out quickly, he said.

Inaba also added that as this is Monolith's first HD title, he hopes to make something that surprises everyone. He wants to make something that shows Japanese technology does not lose out to America. His target is to be at the level of Fallout maker Bethesda Softworks, although he joked that maybe he's going too far.

Whatever the mystery game is, it looks like there's already a design document floating about. Sakai said that he was a quite excited after seeing the design document, as he felt that it would require a high level from the staff.

One of the main reasons this interview was posted was to attract applicants for Monolith's staff search. Yajima said that he wants many people with specific knowledge in such areas as Havok and Shaders. Sakai noted that when trying to portray realistic expressions on the screen, you end up needing to use external programming libraries. He wants people who are interested in using such libraries for game development.

This is just the first in a series of staff interviews discussing the Wii U game. Even if everyone speaks as broadly as the three programmers, at the very least we should be able to piece together who's working on the project.

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