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Nintendo Begins "Nintendo Video" Service for 3DS

3DS gets its second video service, complete with girls fashion and comedians!


Nintendo shared details today on "Nintendo Video," a new 3DS video service that kicks off tomorrow.

3DS already has Spot TV (officially known in Japanese as "Itsu no Ma ni Terebi"). Started on June 21, Spot TV sends original 3D video content, produced by Fuji TV and Nippon TV, to your 3DS via Spot Pass.

Nintendo Video is similar to Spot TV in that you'll receive videos through Spot Pass. Like Spot TV, the videos are also free.

The difference is that the Nintendo Video offerings include 3D and 2D video content that Nintendo recommends. The content will be offered periodically (this is as opposed to the "daily" offerings of Spot TV).

Nintendo Video (left) and Spot TV (right). Yes, there are two separate apps.

The first set of content includes:

Tokyo Girls Collection
A fashion show themed around "real clothes," or the kind of clothes that teens and 20-year-old girls wear.
Yoshimoto Nintendo 3DS Experimental Theater
Various skits from comedians.
3D Fura Fura Machi Aruki Kyoto
A 3D tour of Kyoto, hosted by Tomoko Tabata.

To receive the Nintendo Video content, you'll need to download the free "Nintendo Video" program from the e-Shop. This will be available tomorrow. Once you have the app, video content will be delivered automatically if you have Spot Pass enabled.

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