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Famitsu's Readers Want Kingdom Hearts on PS3

Fans respond to questions about favorite game, character and scene.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep placed high in Famitsu's survey.

There's currently no indication that Square Enix is making Kingdom Hearts for PlayStation 3. But PS3 does seem to be the platform of choice for the series amongst readers of Japan's largest video game magazine, Weekly Famitsu.

In recent survey, whose results were posted in a Square Enix feature in this week's issue, the magazine asked readers of Famitsu.com to name the platform they want to see the next KH game on.

Here are the results. Multiple votes were allowed.

  • 1. PS3 (2,030 votes)
  • 2. PSP (1,010)
  • 3. PS Vita (990)
  • 4. 3DS (440)
  • 5. Wii U (270)

PS3 lead the way, doubling second place PSP. PS Vita and 3DS also played high. Newcomer Wii U also made it in above DS and Xbox 360 (Xbox 360 got 140 votes, by the way).

Joining the platform question, Famitsu asked its readers a number of questions about the Kingdom Hearts series. Here are some of the results that Sokuho@Hokanko summarized.

List the Kingdom Hearts Games You've Played

  • 1. Kingdom Hearts 2
  • 2. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
  • 3. Kingdom Hearts 1
  • 4. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  • 5. Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix

Note: The results for the above question were close. KH2, at number 1, got 2,460 votes. KH2 Final Mix, at number 5, got 1,950 votes.

Favorite Kingdom Hearts Game

  • 1. Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix
  • 2. Kingdom Hearts 2
  • 3. Kingdom Hearts
  • 4. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Note: If you add up KH2 and KH2 FM, they beat out KH three to one.

Favorite Element of Kingdom Hearts

  • 1. Story
  • 2. Battle
  • 3. Character

Favorite Character

  • 1. Sora
  • 2. Roxus
  • 3. Axel
  • 4. Aqua
  • 5. Tera

Favorite Scene

  • 1. Sora and Roxus fight
  • 2. Kingdom Hearts 1 ending
  • 3. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep ending

Tetsuya Nomura shared some of his thoughts on the results. He'd heard that many liked the first Kingdom Hearts, so he was surprised to see KH2 and KH2FM in first and second for favorite entry in Famitsu's survey.

Nomura's personal most memorable scenes are the endings from KH1 and KH2, and the end of Roxus' summer vacation in KH2.

For Kingdom Hearts fans, Famitsu had more than just a survey this week. The magazine also got a few comments from Nomura on Kingdom Hearts 3D. For details, read this story.

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