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Famitsu's Readers Select Top Square Enix Games

You probably already know the most wanted remake.

Famitsu's readers still want this, even though it's not going to happen, never ever ever ever ever ever bwa ha ha ha ha!!!! ... Someone hold me :(

Famitsu's big Square Enix feature this week has a bunch of little reader surveys about Square Enix and its games. We already shared the results of a survey that asked readers to name their top Square Enix creator (see this story), along with some questions specific to the Kingdom Hearts series (see this story.

Here are a couple of additional results, for perhaps the biggest questions of the survey: what's your most wanted remake or sequel, and what's your most wanted Square Enix game.

Most Wanted Remake or Sequel

  • 1. Final Fantasy VII (290 votes)
  • 2. Xenogears (90 votes)
  • 3. The World Ends With You (50 votes)

Most Wanted Square Enix Game

  • 1. Final Fantasy Versus XIII
  • 2. Final Fantasy Type-0
  • 3. Dragon Quest X

Like most Weekly Famitsu surveys, these questions were asked via Famitsu.com.

Those sequel or remake hopes are unlikely. As for the most wanted games, Type-0 is going playable at an event this weekend and Dragon Quest X getting its debut footage in September.

For a status update on Versus XIII from Tetsuya Nomura, see this story.

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