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Sega Made the Most Money in June

Famitsu provides publisher revenue share data for the month of Yakuza Of the End's release.

Pirate and detective download content can only increase sales for Yakuza Of the End!

Famitsu.com added a new type of monthly sales report to its repertoire today: publisher revenue shares.

For the debut month of June, Sega was the top earning publisher accounting for 20.9% of revenues. Most of that was due to Yakuza Of the End, which sold 376,000 units at a high unit price of ¥7,980.

Nintendo had the month's second best seller with Zelda Ocarina of time 3D. It also placed second in the revenue share chart, with 14.8%.

For 3DS, DS and Wii games, priced tend to be lower than games on other platforms. Zelda, for instance, was just ¥4,800. In terms of software units sold, Nintendo may have been closer to the top (Famitsu did not share units sold figures).

Here's the top 10 publishers in terms of revenue share, covering May 30 through June 26.

  • 1. Sega: 20.9%
  • 2. Nintendo: 14.8%
  • 3. Level-5: 9.1%
  • 4. Namco Bandai Games: 8.6%
  • 5. Gust: 5.5%
  • 6. Capcom
  • 7. Konami
  • 8. Kadokawa Shoten
  • 9. 5pb.
  • 10. Tecmo Koei

Visit Famitsu.com's report for one of those fancy pants pie charts.

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