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Final Fantasy Type-0: Only Fine Tuning and Debugging Remain

Director reflects on lengthy development and discusses tomorrow's demo.

Type-0 makes its playable debut tomorrow!

Final Fantasy Type-0 appears to be nearing completion. In a post at the game's development blog today, director Hajime Tabata said that all that remains in the game's development is tuning and debugging.

Tabata reflected a bit on the game's lengthy development. It's been three and a half years since the platform was switched from cell phones to PSP. Tabata says that, as you might expect, three and a half years feels like a long time for development, although he noted that The 3rd Birthday was the main project for about a year of that time.

Because of the lengthy development, they've managed to polish up the game and fill it with content, he added.

Type-0 will be seeing somewhat of a landmark tomorrow as it makes its playable debut at an Odaiba demo event. Square Enix shared a control chart for the demo build earlier today. You can see a translation here.

The demo will be limited to 15 minutes (depending on the crowds). To allow players to get the most of the game, the staff has prepared a special version called "Natsubi." This special version allows you to take on missions straight from your room, which serves as your base of operations. The special version also keeps the difficulty low.

You'll have access to seven characters: Queen, Rem, Ace, Nine, Machina, King and Scythe. In place of actual multiplayer, where you'd have other players coming into your game to support you in battle, the demo will use the game's fake multiplayer system, where you're supported by other students from your school.

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