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Namco Bandai Celebrates Tales 15th Anniversary

Buy upcoming anniversary budget releases, and receive a Tales of Xillia custom theme.


Tales of Xillia is just one phase in the Tales franchise 15th anniversary festivities. For the other phase, visit the campaign page Namco Bandai opened today.

Budget versions of Tales of Phantasia (PSP), Tales of Eternia (PSP), Tales of Destiny (PSP), Tales of ReBirth (PSP), Tales of Vesperia (PS3) and Tales of Graces (PS3) are due out on August 4. The games feature special Tales of 15th Anniversary Collection sleeves. On the back of the sleeve, you'll find a product code which can be input at PlayStation Network to download a Tales of Xilliia custom theme.

The custom theme is the same regardless of the game, so use this as a chance to pick up any of the mothership Tales games you might have missed out on.

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