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Tales of Xillia Outpacing Past Tales Games

Namco Bandai expects over 200,000 pre-orders for first original PS3 Tales game.


Tales of Xillia will be PS3's first original Tales game. Namco Bandai is expecting a lot from the game, as revealed in this marketing chart:

This chart shows pre-orders for Xillia, in red, and the PS3 versions of Graces, in yellow, and Vesperia, in blue. Pre-order numbers are on the vertical axis. The horizontal axis shows weeks before release, starting at 13 to the left.

For Vesperia, pre-orders 11 weeks before release were under 50,000. The final pre-order count was 140,000 units.

Graces had a similar pre-order pattern as Vesperia, but eventually topped it with 150,000.

For Xillia, only the first two weeks of data currently exist. The game has already reached pre-orders of 80,000 units.

The rest of the Xillia data is Namco Bandai's forecast. The company expects the game to top the 200,000 mark in pre-orders. The game is getting pre-orders at record pace for the series, the company says.

This second image shows how the PS3 versions of Vesperia and Graces outperformed previous versions on other platforms.

Vesperia sold 210,000 units on Xbox 360 in 2008. On PS3 in 2009, it sold 420,000 units. Graces sold 220,000 units on Wii in 2009. On PS3 in 2010, the renamed "Graces F" sold 345,000 units.

Based off this pattern, Namco Bandai says that Xillia, as an original title, will assuredly top sales of the Vepseria and Graces ports.

[via Game Jouhou]

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