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Irem pulls games from PlayStation Store, closes Home lounges

The Doki Doki Suikoden PlayStation Home lounge. Irem is closing all its Home lounges and pulling its product from PlayStation Store.

Act soon if you want to download Irem games from PlayStation Store. The troubled publisher announced today that on August 11, it will pull the following product from the shop:

  • R-Type Tactics (PSP)
  • Mousukesu based on Carton-kun (PSP)
  • Bumpy Trott Beagle Battle Tournament (PSP)
  • Ikuze! Gensan Yuyake Daikou Monogatari (PSP)
  • R-Type Tactics II Operation Bitter Chocolate (PSP)
  • Sengoku Esatsu Yugi Hototogisu Ran (PSP)
  • Sengoku Esatsu Yugi Hototogisu Dairan (PSP)
  • Narisokonai Eiyuutan: Story of the Sun and Moon (PSP)
  • R-Types (Game Archives)
  • R-Type Delta (Game Archives)
  • Gussun Paradise (Game Archives)
  • Irem Arcade Classics (Game Archives)

All demos, download content, videos and custom themes relating to these games will also be pulled from PSN on the same day.

On PlayStation Home, Irem will close many of its lounges on September 1. The company has a number of lounges, covering everything from Doki Doki Suikoden to Spelunker.

Irem did not say why it's taking these steps.

[Via Game Jouhou]

Correction 7/24: This story originally miswrote that Irem is closing all its lounges. It looks like some lounges may not be closing. As noted by Mao in the comments below, lounges for Pachipara and Dokidoki Suikoden are not listed in Irem's list of closures.

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