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Digimon World Being Developed by Tri-Crescendo

Developer of Fragile, Eternal Sonata and Blue Dragon DS reveals its next game.


What's next from the developer of Eternal Sonata, Fragile and Blue Dragon DS? Namco Bandai revealed today that Tri-Crescendo, the studio behind all those games, is developing Digimon World Re: Digitize for PSP.

The announcement came at the Digimon World official blog which had promised earlier in the week that it would share the identity of the game's developer.

Here's an image presumably showing the development staff hard at work:

In addition to handling full development on Eternal Sonata, Fragile and Blue Dragon DS, Tri-Crescendo has also worked on sound components for games like Valkyrie Profile, Star Ocean 3, and Radiata Stories. On Baten Kaitos and its sequel, the studio handled programming, sound and battle planning.

First screens of Digimon World surfaced earlier this week.
We're going to have to wait until 2012 to play this Digimon World revival.

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